SWC Ditch Kids Week Two

by Jenn Stegura June 05, 2017

Welcome to week two Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids!

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SWC Ditch Kids Week One

by Jake Hunter May 30, 2017

Welcome Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids! We’re so excited to have a program running all summer to encourage you guys to do great things in your […]

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Surf Expo 2017

by Jenn Stegura January 29, 2017

Hey Fam!

Traveling back from Surf Expo 2017 in Orlando today and wanted to share with you guys some great news! Firstly, we had a great time at the show meeting with our incredible dealers, in addition, to meeting so many new dealers.

Our team has also expanded! We’re so proud to announce the addition of a powerhouse salsa loving duo of Sonia & Orlando! Stay tuned for Icast guys we’re going to be coming strong with new products already in development.

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by Dan Decibel April 24, 2015

Recently lost my Monday to Friday job. No money and open schedules means Im usually trying to get rid of the built up stress, in our backyard of the Everglades. […]

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Fat Guys in Little Boats

by Dan Decibel January 18, 2015

Currently on the way to the Florida Keys for a day of fishing. I writing this blog on behalf of Derek Rust, Jason Fernandez, and Joe Mirrione. For the past […]

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by Dan Decibel July 15, 2014

This past weekend of July 11, 2014, I decided to make a last minute trip to Port Orange, Fl to fish and surf with good friends Patrick Gingras and his […]

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“In the Loop”

by Dan Decibel May 12, 2014

This video is about an afternoon doing some exploring/fishing in Loop Road located in the Everglades right off US41. Loop road is the reason why I started flats fishing in […]

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25 Tarpon

by Carlos Baz May 02, 2014

My friend Richard, fellow NYC angler and aficionado of the southern skinny, sent me this video he put together from his last trip down to the wilds of the Florida Bay and the Keys. They launched […]

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Fishoutawata Music Festival

by Eric Estrada September 01, 2013

About a month ago, I agreed to do some live painting at an event in the Brickell/Downtown Miami area. It was a music festival titled “Fishoutawata” by “The Cornerstoners”. I […]

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Telling Tails Pt. 1

by SWChase May 14, 2013

Some Bahama action.. Telling Tails part 1 from chase hancock on Vimeo.

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Soft Core Fly Tying 2 – Bone-Appetit Crab

by Eric Estrada March 15, 2013

Check it out.     Materials: Gamakatsu B10s size 4 Grizzly Hackle Silly Legs Gold Flash Tan EP fibers Small Beadchain Eyes Hard as Hull

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Kayak Concerto: Fly Fishing South Florida on the Kayak

by Dan Decibel February 27, 2013

Here’s what i’ve been working on lately. Join me on this Kayak quest through out the coastal waters of South Florida. Watch as I chase a complete cast of characters that […]

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SCFT- The Falkor Fly

by Dan Decibel January 13, 2013

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Movie Boredom…

by P.T. Jones October 30, 2012

With all the hurricanes and cool weather moving in, its easy to find oneself stuck indoors procrastinating on whether to clean off the tying bench or clean the house. What […]

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In Honor of Throwback Thursday

by Eric Estrada September 13, 2012

Well, here’s what I did before fishing. I was big into the local Lowrider scene. This was my 1986 Buick Regal. It had a 4 pump hydraulic setup, on 13’s […]

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Go DJ…

by Chris Lewis August 25, 2012

DJ Dan doing it again. On fly, on the kayak, while filming….not easy. Great job man!

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Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tourney

by Jeremy Chavez July 18, 2012

I fished the Lydia Ann Fly Masters tournament out of Aransas Pass last Saturday. The weigh was at Tarpon Shores Marina. The 2012 beneficiary was Casting for Recovery. It’s a […]

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Rock On!

by Jose C July 17, 2012

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Magic Jones

by P.T. Jones July 12, 2012

So I have been trying to leave my past behind but thanks to the latest chick flick “Magic Mike”, my past has come to haunt me. You see, this movie […]

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South Florida Fishin’

by Eric Estrada July 05, 2012

Alissa came down to try and get her first bonefish. The weather didn’t cooperate. We got rained on a good bit. Finally decided to switch it up.  At least try […]

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Apparition – Preview

by Eric Estrada May 25, 2012

Here’s a preview to a film I’m working on with a couple buddies. It will be showcasing fly fishing for bonefish in South Florida. I feel like the majority of […]

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Short Film – El Hueso

by SWChase May 11, 2011

El Hueso from chase hancock on Vimeo.

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You pick this one…

by SWChase March 10, 2011

Pick the next Hardcore Fly Tying Song. All That Remains “Hold On” Killswitch Engage “Holy Diver” (Dio Cover) Pantera “Where You Come From” CoC “Broken Man” Clutch “10,000 Witnesses” View […]

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Skating in the future…

by SWChase December 20, 2010

Tron Legacy Premiere – A Light Session from ENESS on Vimeo.

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