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Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Flats Fishing

by Skinny Water Culture May 26, 2017

By: Sam Collett (@collettjsam) Photos by: Sam Collett & Ty Hibbs (@whatever_bites) I’ve developed a bi-annual habit of leaving the southeast Louisiana mud, assembling a band of equally mental friends […]

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The Ditch Kids Initiative

by Skinny Water Culture May 25, 2017

  Starting Monday, (5/29), Skinny Water Culture is proud to announce the Ditch Kids Initiative. In addition to being the coolest fishing company around, we’re also teaming up with kids […]

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Caught not Bought

by Skinny Water Culture May 24, 2017

By: Ryan Saul Our motto in “Caught not Bought” has always been, “whatever makes the best story.” the best story is rarely developed through the safe and sensible route. The […]

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