Kyle Billings aka "Cuda Kyle"

Kyle Billings aka  - Jacksonville  - SWC Collective

Jacksonville, Florida

Instagram: @cudakyle
Facebook: cuda.kyle

How did you become a part of the Skinny Water Culture Collective?

I am fortunate enough to be best friends the owner/designer Chase Hancock so naturally I was fully supportive of his work. I just so happen that he was designing for the most awesome company and overall group of people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The SWC family has introduced me many amazing and life long friends who I've shared some of the most memorable adventures with. I'm proud to be part of the skinny water culture lifestyle.

What are your hopes for the future of fishing?

My hope for the future of fishing is to influence people to catch and release game fish or if nothing else get rid of the mindset of going out and catching a limit of fish.. Kinda stole that one from Vince lol but it is the truth.

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