Andrew Palau

Andrew Palau   - Vero Beach, FL   - SWC Collective

Vero Beach, Florida

Instagram: @atpalau
Facebook: andrew.palau.5
Vimeo Links:

How did you become a part of the Skinny Water Culture Collective?

I’ve been supporting Skinny Water Culture for many years now and there is only one reason for it. A great group of people came together and started an amazing company that I am proud to support. SWC’s care and respect for the sport, people, and environment is far above the rest and I am honored to continue the tradition and keep the positive flow moving forward to always amazing outcomes.

What are your hopes for the future of fishing?

My only hopes for the future are to keep improving. Fishing is a life long endevour that I really feel nobody will entirely master. You can always know where to go certain times a year but it is still always “fishing.” It is different every single day and I think that is what continues my addiction.

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