SWC Ditch Kids Week One

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Welcome Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids!

We’re so excited to have a program running all summer to encourage you guys to do great things in your community and be good stewards of the environment and water ways we all love so much!

Hosting Week One is Skinny Water Culture and our good friends at 13 Fishing

Here are the tasks:

(Don’t forget to get a picture to share to show you completed each task)

1. Cleaning up litter in and near water ways.

2· Donate old clothes to the AmVets or other similar service.

3. Be a mentor/leader by teaching or share your favorite pastime with someone.

4. Visiting the elderly in nursing homes.

5. Offer a drink to a lawn care worker, pool cleaner garbage man or mail man on a hot day.

6. Volunteer or fund-raise for a local animal shelter.

7. Volunteer on a local farm or food co-op (or grow something at home).

8. Canned food drive or fund-raise for a homeless or women’s shelter.

9. Donate yard-work, pet walking or babysitting to a neighbor in need.

10. Organize a yard sale donate fund you raise to a charity that interest you or that you are passionate about.

In return for commitment to completing 7 tasks by Sunday June 4th at Midnight EST, you guys will win exclusive Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids Gear designed exclusively for the Ditch Kids and not available for sale. So you must do the challenges to get the free gear each week!

So to review:

  • You must be under 18
  • You must register with the link below. (So we know where to send your gear and what size you are)
  • You must complete 7 out of the 10 tasks for the week by June 4th at Midnight EST.
  • You must upload your completion photos to Instagram and tag Skinny Water Culture, tag 13 Fishing and  #SWCditchKids (This gives our host a chance to see what you guys have accomplished and congratulate you)
  • Come back and comment “Done” so we know you completed this weeks tasks.

Click Here To Sign-up

We want you all to have fun with these challenges but, safety first kids! Please make sure you have your parents consent before completing any of the task. This is an honor system.

Good Luck Everyone!

Skinny Water Culture Family



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