Royce Dahnke

Destin, Florida

Instagram: @realtrippymahi

How did you become a part of the Skinny Water Culture Collective?

I became interested in the SWC family around 2010 when I noticed the fly fishing industry really starting to grow with FB, IG etc. It started getting more popular in my area as well which was never a fly fishing area mainly only spinning myself and about 2 other guides in the area were the only guides who offered it or shallow water sightfishing, I then came across SWC and immediately fell in love not just with the awesome rad logos but with the few cyber buddies I talked to and followed , it really peaked interest in me how close knit and cool everyone was in that circle and I knew that I wanted to get to know some of the guys and fish with them , I had wanted to catch peacock bass on fly for a while and finally decided to make the trip for a week in Miami and I messaged Dj Dan on IG and he was very helpful on which patterns to use,what to look for etc etc , and my first trip was a success after that I knew that these guys were cool , because up here nobody would help a out of towner lol , then I met Court Thru Vince and had a great time with him on the bow of my skiff and also on the bow of his when I went to visit Tampa , overall I like to see a group of people with the same interest and drive like me and all while repping and awesome brand/lifestyle like SWC. I can't wait to see SWC grow and succeed to the full end as wanted and I know that I want to make my own footprint in the journey and help!

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