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Welcome to week four of the Ditch Kids Initiative! You guys have all been crushing it so far, lets keep it up.
Your hosts this week are Captain Adam Mailliez @amailliez and Phil Lovelady @1sightcast.

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By: Ryan Saul

Something I’ve really come to appreciate about a yearlong Caught Not Bought challenge is that it has forced me to challenge some of the preconceived ideas about certain foods.

One food in particular is the bonito. My entire life I have been told that bonito is shark bait and nothing more because it’s too bloody to be of any food value.

I’ve been told otherwise by a few good friends over the years, but have never taken the leap to find out for myself. That changed last week.

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We hope everyone is excited for week 3 of our Ditch Kids Summer Initiative!

Our hosts from the collective this week are Captain Court Douthit @recreationspecialist and Captain Brian Jill @captbrianjill.




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By: Capt. Royce Dahnke (@realtrippymahi)


Fly fishing false albacore in the panhandle.

During late May and early June rain can bring some of the most action pact mornings a fly fisherman could possibly ask for. We’re not talking about ordinary rain showers, but more on the lines of acres and acres of rain.

After these rains, minnows cloud out the crystal clear waters of the northwest Florida coast, and following very close behind them are thousands of bonito aka false albacore or as the old schoolers used to call them little tunny.


These high speed little bruisers are dialed in on the abundance of food stretched for miles right off the beach and they are willing to eat every rain minnow in their way. As all the meat hunters in the panhandle area head out on their 30+ footers to chase king mackerel and red snappers many of them pass up a very underrated fish.

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Welcome to week two Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids!

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