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You don’t know Jack!

Unfortunately…yes, yes I do know Jack. I saw some bonefish cruising around but I was having trouble getting close…I decided to hope out and go after them on foot. I waited a few minutes and two nice pushes come down the flat. Put the shot right on them and hooked up instantly. Next came the blazing run…Hell yes! Bonefish on! Fought the bone as I worked my way back to the boat for a hero shot….I notice at this point its fighting really hard for what I assumed was a 5lb bone….sweet maybe its a 7lb bone. I keep reeling….wait….WTF?, its a damn Jack! I swore up and down I had a bone but with my low vantage point on foot I never actually saw the fish. Oh well…I thought I had a bone the whole time so I still got the thrill!

Like driving on a mirror.

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