YMCA Greater Palm Harbor Kids’ Fishing Challenge

by HappyFLMommy May 16, 2011 0 Comments

This weekend SWC Bevin participated in the Greater Palm Harbor Kids’ Fishing Challenge at Wall Springs.

This is a family-friendly event that uses community partners and volunteers to educate, motivate, and promote fishing to young children.

There were 4 piers with 3 different fishing times per pier. Each time slot awarded trophy’s for many categories including; Biggest Fish, First Fish Caught, and Smallest Fish. Each pier had a certified fishing captain to measure and help reel in the fish. They also had at least five volunteers per pier to help the children bait, reel, and release.

Other activities for the family included a tour of a fire truck, bouncy house, music, and games. Along with the Pinellas County Health Department with information and resources about water safety.

I have to say this event is top notch and one all local parents should participate in next year. Bevin & her bestie Savanna at 3-4 years old had a blast. They even got to take home a new pole, new tackle box loaded up, event shirts, goodie bags, and lunch to boot all for $15.00. Best deal in town!

Our new SWC Pro Ladies Team will be back next year to defend their titles so keep your eyes peeled.

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