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I went over to Naples to visit my brother and see what he had going on. He and his girlfriend Shannon run a Non-Profit Organization that rescues Pitbulls. Him and his small crew drive all over the state of Florida saving pitbulls from shelters just before they get put down. Then, they keep them in their own shelter until someone comes a long and adopts them. They really have a neat operation going on out there on the west coast. They’re based out of the Naples/Ft. Myers area. They’re always looking for volunteers who are interested in helping out any way they can. Everything is primarily funded by themselves. They do accept donations; but ultimately, they just want someone to take one of these great dogs to a healthy home and environment. After spending a weekend with all these pitbulls, it really drastically changed my opinion of the species. They’re as joyful as any pet I have ever seen or handled. Maybe someday, the dingbats that run Miami-Dade County remove the ban and I can adopt one myself. If you cannot adopt a pitbull, or give a donation, anything as little as a Share on Facebook would go a long way. Exposure means everything to a non-profit organization. It’ll make people aware of what is going on, and that they can help.

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