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Winter Bone

I had the day off today, so, I packed up my Marquesa with fuel, ice, water, a fishing buddy and a Labrador and headed out to look for some familiar old faces.  The day started off great.  Mike O had a great opportunity at a tailing permit.  He made 3 absolutely perfect shots at this fish without the fish showing any interest at all.  He simply just slipped off the flat into the deep water and we never saw him again.  We continued up the edge of the flat and in came  a pair of decent bonefish.  Mike flopped out another perfect cast, strip, strip and came tight.  edit4

The rest of the day was pretty unproductive for the most part.  I haven’t fished in this particular area for about 3 months now, and it was very clear that the fall pattern these fish were on had clearly changed during my hiatus.  “I guess in the end, it’s just as important to know where the fish are not too.” Good to see a few of these guys around today.  Great job Mike O!  Way to get it done man.






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