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Wii need this

I’m sure you have all heard the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Well this is exactly what I am doing in this case. Taking one step to change the world. I always sit back and whine about why Nintendo doesn’t make a truly epic flyfishing game for an other wise useless system we all know as the Wii. Think about the possibilities. A TRUE to the core flats flyfishing game where you could even play two players, one polling around the living room using the wii fit board and a wii mote and the other up front looking for that tailing permit. The potential this could have is epic!! So today I am taking the first step and telling Nintendo whats up and I will continue to harass game developers such as ESPN and EA sports to get on the ball. If you want to help, please do the same thing, email everyone you can think of and tell them you want this and you want it to be GOOD. You never know what we might pull off!!!!

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