Wednesdays Are For Wondering Pt. 1

by Chris Smith November 30, 2015 0 Comments

A dry boat meets the water and the day’s worries are left behind. The trailer creeks and clunks every mile until its rest. The screech of metal taught friction from my right foot as I apply force to the brake petal. The vehicle slows and comes to a brief stop. For only seconds I wish for it to continue its mechanical existence. With the boat residing in the current, I park my vehicle in its resting place for several hours as I submerge myself amongst all things foreign to most. Those that keep themselves at home away from interaction with nature and the wild unknown, need not apply for friendship. If you are looking for a greater porpouse in life, grab a cold one and come aboard.




Stepping into a skiff is like stepping into another world all together, all things hostile (for the most part) are left in the mechanical chariot you rode in on. As I bring life to my outboard motor it fires and smokes for a moment as if to clear its throat. Water begins to flow through its veins and pour from ports as the rumbling felt throughout the tiller intensifies and smoothes as I twist my grip. I balance myself as if to gain the upper hand, and begin to learch forward with momentum. The prop churns the brackish water beneath my skiff and I take flight along the glassy cricks and cuts I call my home-away-from-home.


Throughout my ride I stay aware of my surroundings as I push further into another realm. The trees move and water awakens as mullet move from certain destruction and seek shelter amongst the mangroves and dead trees that scour the shoreline. Often unseen under the surface of these muddy waters is only left to thought for those that have yet to see this place at its lowest. With negatives come positives its just the nature of life, wether your sinking or sourcing that’s left to be determined. As for myself I consider myself sinking. My internal instincts are guided by the switches throughout life that allow these opportunities to ground myself. While I may not understand the common occurrences that allow me these gifts, I cherish them to the fullest.


The mind tends to wonder at this point while I’m placing a plan into action. What path do I take? am I ready for what lyes around the next bend?. More often than not it’s a gentleman on a red SUP in my case, he waves me on and I’m lost in the thought of what his day would become after we part ways. The herons and wood storks climb above the tree line as the two-stroke motor pounds further into the place they rely upon to survive and breed. Several large redfish push from the shallow bank along the creeks that I race along, as if they were guiding me to euphoria. I slow my speed and check conditions of the wind to implement a tactical advantage along the tree lines and mangroves to shelter me from wind and the all too cautious sunrise.


The sounds of fish feeding and playing in the shallows lulls me deeper into dream like reality with the gnats expressing their unwelcome presence among my legs and feet. The tide has halted and come to its low, the redfish tend to the banks and prey on the unsuspecting crustaceans that embrace this muddy place with caution while spider webs occasionally make my face a temporary structure for their inhabitants to climb upon.



To be continued,


Post script : Moments are all to often left behind and tunnel vision is mostly to blame. I understand some are in a race to find the thing they desire but without the little things, would it ever be the same?. I leave you with this for the time being. Appreciate every moment in life, the good and the bad and be the best person you can. The world is too full of negative, foul people to waist such beauty on.





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