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Water we Doing , Im Not Shore

Keep in mind I haven’t offshore fished in like 2 years let alone by my self so I absolutely suck . The day started on friday after school when we headed to the the beach house on Pompano. We went and got ice cream from Razzleberrys from the beach and went to the food festival later that night .We woke up at 5:30 and went to the bait shop . We cruised out of the marina on Stefans Robalo 222. We went out of hillsboro inlet and headed to 415-500 feet. Dropped in a rigged Ballyhoo. While everyone else slept I drove and waited .Not long before I decided to let out some more line. Turned around and got a tug right away at first we thought it was seaweed, nope just a micro mahi being dragged on the top of the water. I was pretty hyped thinking that we weren’t gonna catch anything to be honest.


Causal Valley Kook



Then we got back fishing. With everyone woken up we decide to reel in our lure to see if their was any sea weed on the lure. While this was happening we got a bite, not a little one too.  Meanwhile Vandy was on the front of the boat throwing up some milk and donuts. As this is happening the other rod goes off and I set the hook and fish on . I already Caught one and I wanted vandy to get some action too, So I tell him to come get he walks to our end of the boat dizzy and wiping puke of his face he takes the rod and decides he’s just gonna reel it upside down cause its to hard to reel fish in normally while seasick. We land the mahi and move on to stefans fish. We fought our other fish for a solid 10 minutes till we saw it. We knew it was either a kingfish or a wahoo we were pretty happy to see if it was a wahoo and not a kingfish. Gaffed it first try and got it in the boat.


First Wahoo



Overall sick day to be our first time offshore fishing alone .


Here are some pictures from the trip

IMG_2730 IMG_2728-1 IMG_2725IMG_2732 IMG_2729IMG_2723



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