Visual Bliss

by Jeremy Chavez October 27, 2011 0 Comments

What makes fishing great is it’s something different to every person that fishes. What floats one angler’s boat may not fancy another’s fixation. My favorite way to catch fish is by sight fishing, preferably with the buggy whip in hand. I find myself constantly looking for new places where I can catch fish by my preferred means. Last week that curiosity led me to old and new locales one of which was over 100+ miles from home.

Why would I do such a thing when I have saltwater twenty minutes from home?

I’ll let the pictures and video speak for themselves….

Joey and I caught every (30+ slot redfish) fish sight fishing throwing what ever we pleased. Below are some the lures and flies that worked, but in all honesty a bare hook might have produced the same results. Fishing doesn’t get more visual than when the redfish are in shallow, clear water and are feeding aggressively. They fed all day long as long as we put the lure in front of their face and didn’t run over them (right Joey?).

TTF Flat’s Minnow in Mumpy Glow, Liquid Shrimp, Matagorda Magic (not pictured) did most of the damage…

Gold/Copper Spoon Fly and Bead Chain shrimp…

All fish were caught in less than 1′ of water and despite how dirty we look the water was pretty clean. We could see the bottom which is a drastic change from the rest of the year when a few inches of visibility is the norm.

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