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For whatever the reason not really questioning it Mother Nature has graced South Florida with some great weather windows this winter. As expected after watching a few weeks roll by I picked up on the patterns and jumped on the next opportunity. The phone call was made and of course there was zero hesitation from fellow SWC ambassador  and friend Chis  “Tex” Lewis. After some talk and on line recon the dates where set and preparation began. ( No physical prep was really done beside lounging around drinking and doing the online suffering thing but it make for a good story but if you had to give it a title, I like calling it more of a mental masturbation of the possibility a that abound prep. )



After being rapped repeatedly ( this is just a clinical term people ) against our will by noseeum and mosquito’s we finally made it to our destination.  As always we began to make quick work and the scouting began.






Pic by Tex

Not sure what factor played in this catch, hunger or plain stupidity because I stuck as an angler. This snook was in itches of water when I spotted it by luck. With a subpar cast and a miraculous bite I was hooked up only to come unglued shortly thereafter. I made a feeble attempt to cast it again as it swam off only to watch it turn and eat again.


After some hell razing moments getting back to the boat our near death experience was over.  ( Lucky for me I don’t have a gambling addiction, because I would have place the odds on nature. She would have won that battle 9 out 10 times. Somehow no one lost their life or gear getting back through that shitty creek)


In typical fashion,  I forgot my cooler in the back of the truck. Thus began the rationing of water and food. Thanks Tex for the water and lunch-able although I chugged the last bottle of water with no intention of sharing. All hope was not lost, as this was not going to turn out like Ernest Hemingway Novel. A quick round of some Jack on the rocks to clear the fog and I quickly dug into my roots. The Cuban in me aka the pack rap remembered I had saved a large piece of aluminum foil somewhere in the kayak. Like a moment in history when Archimedes discovered the method to measuring volume I yelled out “eureka”  ( minus the bathtub).


Fire was stoked and ready to go. The dry aged steaks hit the foil and they began to sizzle. Like a scene out of 2001 A space Odyssey the cave man in use began pace around the fire. This was by far one of the best steak I have had in sometime.


Thus the trip ended with some highlights and downturns but all and all it was a successful trip and I was glad to be able to get away from the cold grasp of concrete jungle and Monday morning meetings and forget about it all.

Here’s a recap of prior trips for the 2014 year.








Alex Tejeda



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