Three Weeks of Misery

by Eric Estrada March 26, 2012 0 Comments

I haven’t been on the water too much lately. If some may recall, I mentioned on my last blog entry that the day didn’t end too well. I wrecked my truck on the way home. The truck was fine, and so was the skiff. But the trailer, not so much. So I headed up to Ankona Boats in Ft. Pierce to drop off my skiff for some trailer work. I also had them go over the skiff to ensure there was no damage. Put a claim in with the insurance and had them take care of it.

Three weeks without my skiff was torture!
While I was there, Mel offered to take me out on a wet test on their new model the ShadowCast. Just so I can check it out and give him my opinion on it. And honestly, I was extremely impressed. It floated in nothing, and poled like a dream. Even in strong winds. I ran it into some large wakes from a sportfisher that came by and it took it like a champ. It ran very smooth through a chop. We were not getting pounded at all. And it ran pretty swiftly with a 9.9. This is a very nice skiff at a hell of a price. This was the first one constructed. They are already in production, and will have molded drop in decks that are being glassed in.  At a starting price of $3950, it simply cannot be beat.


Here’s a picture of my  2012 Ankona Copperhead sitting on their lot.

I have done some fishing and have done quite well. I will be trying to defend the title this weekend at a tournament that I won last year. I will post a more thorough report then. I’m just trying to keep posting!
Here are a couple pictures from last week down in Flamingo fishing out of my buddy Anthony’s Copperhead. Until next time!


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