Three to go…

by Adam September 12, 2012 0 Comments


I’ve been slacking hardcore on carp updates…

My quest to catch at least one carp per month, January through December has been going quite well…

Commence Carp Overload…




Spring Creek Gold

Ripe for the pickin’

Everything eats a damsel…

If your going to go as far as to wear a ghillie suit…you probably shouldn’t wave a flashy mirror either.

It’s really too bad we don’t have more of these bad boys around… Hands down the hardest fish to persuade to eat a fly.



The Carpin Essentials…

Walmart fly box, beard comb, a two years supply of tippet, forceps, and a camera. Done.

Turbid water enforcer…




Baby face with a baby carp… #sadness

 20.5 lbs…The scale and sling only comes out when I think its necessary…


Lovin’ me some girth… #noshame


Fly of the Month(s): Carp Dragon… Tying tutorial coming soon. This one is something special…

Here’s looking at you..October, November, & December…



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