The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

by Adam May 17, 2013 0 Comments

The month of April in the Mid-Atlantic region brings a plethora of fishing opportunities. An angler can pursue trout under blanketing hatches mayflies and caddis, intercept shad running up river, or chase stripers just to name a few. I obviously didn’t do any of those things…


Spring was now in full force. Temperatures stayed above freezing for the most part and soaking rains turned the landscape green overnight. The carp were enjoying the weather as much as I was. April was my most productive month of fishing so far this year. So productive that I decided not to take pictures of the forty or so smaller fish I caught. Reason being our last couple of posts were loaded with one pounders. I like catching small carp but not looking at pictures of cookie-cutter one pounders. I decided only to take pictures of fish that I thought were roughly five pounds and over. A five pound fish is a worthy fish in my eyes. The only fish to put me in my backing so far this year was a five pounder. I also managed two grass carp this month, which is extremely rare.


This month I decided to use some strategy when it came to my fly selection. Water temperatures were now warm enough to begin using my favorite patterns again. Adult dragon and damselflies were already flying about. I used my dragonfly nymph pattern almost exclusively but incorporated some sucker spawn patterns on some fresh fish. I opted to only use my dragon because I target the same group of fish over and over again. The fish will soon be conditioned to the pattern and later in the year I can switch over to my smaller damsel pattern and be successful once again. This technique worked for me last year, I’m hopeful it will work again.


Overcast + Light Rain = Perfect Conditions




Dry Fly FTW




Nets make things too easy…







I didn’t care how much this guy weighed. It was getting it’s picture taken.




Fly of the Month: Carp Dragon

(#8 SL45)


 Best not have your fly dangling in the water while waiting for a carp to cruise by… Crappie every time.

The most challenging part of fishing this month was getting my fly down in the column past the hordes of bluegill and crappie. Such a pain in the ass.



Carping 20 feet above the water on a cliff…

Trying not to kill myself on the way down…

Jumping in for the grip and grin.

Vantage point/Casting platform


The mulberries are coming along nicely…






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