The Ides of March

by Mark April 30, 2012

Interestingly enough, carping in month of March made me miss the hardships I endured back in January and February. Spring was definitely here. Large shoals of carp were now staging in the shallows. Amongst the shoal, small groups could be found cruising, tailing, sunning, you name it..they were doing it.
It was chaos…

Making the transition from seeing one fish per day…if I was lucky…to being presented with a carp jamboree was pretty mind-numbing. I’m ashamed to say I began blasting casts in every which direction. I may have had a mild seizure, I’m not quite sure..its still a bit fuzzy. Once I stopped to breath and tie on another fly to replace the one I lost 37 casts ago…I’m just joking…but seriously… I gathered myself and began to dissect the small groups one by one.

“Hover Damsel”…tied with just enough foam to suspend in the water column. Killer on laid up fish…
Oh Crap…
Last month I also got the chance to fish with our friend Seth a couple of times. In doing so I noticed some serious red flags…He’s doomed to become a G. G. A… I couldn’t be more pleased… Haha! My favorite red flag was when he left his cousin at the trout stream and showed up out of the blue at my favorite carp spot…I was there…obviously…It was an epic moment. That’s when I knew, another Golden Ghost Addict was born…

What would carpin’ be without random requests for casting lessons… Never a dull moment. Before we parted ways he told that he always wanted to go fishing and that this was his first time…I’m glad I had fit-over sunglasses on because they trapped a few tears that would have made his first time fishing a bit awkward.
Extend-A-Ghost… Got to love Auto-Capture

New prototype… “Temptation” in the form of never before seen deliciousness…Yeah…Haha!

Hover Damsel/Ghillie Suit FTW
The Fly of the Month: My original “Carp Damsel” in caddis green. Responsible for my top three fish…
March is going to be hard to beat…

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