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The End Is Near

With the guide season coming to a fast approaching close, the anticipation of some time off is hard to bare.  In 2 weeks, we make our return to the Bahamas for the 3rd SWC Bahamas Bonefish Beat Down, and I can’t think of a better way to end a long guide season.  Good friends, Kalik, conch salad , monster bones……  But for now, back to the grind stone.  Here are a few newer pics from the past few weeks.  Enjoy


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I have had some free days to fish with some friends lately.  Wes Bedell and his girlfriend Kara were in town over the last few weeks.  Here is Kara and her first bonefish.


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Jeff has been in town for the whole month.  He hooked this solid tailing permit on fly and landed most of it.  Sadly, we couldn’t see what was lurking over the dark turtle grass……


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The horror…………..


Jeff with a red into the backing.


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I even got a day to fish with the most well rounded fisherman I have ever met, my great friend Capt Jeff Malone.  It was awesome seeing him get tight on a bone.

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Right after this bonefish release I hooked my biggest permit on fly ever…….. and lost it.  The next day I got some redemption on a tailer while catching bait for the next days guide trip.  I couldn’t resist.  I wasn’t even out there to go fishing.  I had to throw a live crab at this guy.


Here are a few randoms from recent guide trips.

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