The 4wt Diaries…

by P.T. Jones August 27, 2012

Strip…strip…strip…BOOM!!! Its amazing the power of the bluegill to wipe away all those shit days on the water. The greatest confidence builder I have ever known. I have to admit that lately things have been slow. A couple of busted knots and bent hooks lately have had me contemplating why the hell I love this sport so much. So, a couple of days ago I grabbed the 4wt, dusted off the #10 pencil popper box and headed to the local river spot. Feeling the soft cork in the hands was like seeing an old friend again. After only using the 8wt the last couple of months the 4wt z-axis felt like a feather….



The first couple of casts went unnoticed but soon enough I found a nice little hole that kept me busy for awhile. …


Some pretty colors…



Bad days happen to the best of us but has gran-daddy use to say ” its called fishing..not catching”.


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