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Thanksgiving Afternoon

First of all let me say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone had a nice time with their friends and family, I know I did. Anyways I was planning on going to the glades possibly do some fishing and take some pics with my friend Danny a.k.a Fat, who surprisingly didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving. We planned on heading out before the sun came up. That didn’t happen, I forgot to set my alarm so I ended up waking up at noon the next day. I walked outside and it was nice and cold. The sky was blue everywhere I looked. I was so pissed that we didn’t get to go out. I called up fat right away and told him we should have gone. I told Fat that maybe we had enough time to head out for a bit before Thanksgiving dinner. He quickly replied and agreed to going to the glades. My friend PK had called me, I told him that I was heading out in like 20 minutes. He had some plans already. As I was getting ready, I got a call 5 minutes later saying that the plans he had didn’t come through. PK met us up at the gas station with his girlfriend Dannette. He bought 3 dozen shiners and we were on our way.

S53A2589 copy


S53A2611 copy

It was such a beautiful ride to the glades. We had the windows down the entire time just soaking in this chilly weather. We stopped at couple of places to get some pics so it took us a little while but I’m glad we did it. Once we got to where we wanted to fish, I just sat back and enjoyed every minute of it. Bass fishing in the Everglades is the reason why I started flats fishing in the first place.

S53A2642 copy

We tried to dodge this poor little guy crossing the road but it was too late. Lets just say we were faster than this black racer. S53A2618 copy

As soon as we decided to fish, Dannette dropped in the first shiner no more than 2 seconds after that, she was on with her first largemouth. S53A2768 copy

S53A2668 copy

I know you guys hear this a lot, but every time that I step foot inside the Everglades, I am in an AWE state of mind. I just love being around outdoors and seeing wild life. S53A2623 copy

S53A2628 copy


S53A2634 copy

The fishing was so fun the whole time. These guys had the rod bent almost the entire time. S53A2788 copy

S53A2717 copy


S53A2761 copy

Since we had to be home soon for dinner we made the best of it. S53A2736 copy

S53A2673 copy

S53A2753 copy


This is our buddy, we named him Fluffy Thunder.

S53A2783 copy

Dannette has been killing it this week in the freshwater. She caught her first peacock ever and now she is in the glades putting a hurting on these largemouths. Its awesome that PK introduced her to fishing. Im sure sure she will never forget these fun times.


S53A2776 copy

S53A2721 copy

Got some action shots of some of the Largemouth Acrobatics. S53A2846 copy

S53A2845 copy


Fat with a Fatty

S53A2869 copy

These guys were just chillin as we passed by. S53A2862 copy

S53A2860 copy


I wish these things were in working condition because PK’s truck almost ran out of gas.


S53A2857 copy

Just take a step back and realize that we are so lucky to live in a place where natural beauty is all around us. S53A2877 copy

S53A2876 copy

As soon as we got some service and some unheard voicemails from our friends and families. It was time to head back to the house. Since I didn’t fish the entire time, I wanted to toss the long rod for a bit. Got lucky and caught 2 baby snookies.S53A2936 02-26-51

S53A2938 02-26-51



We hurried up and got back home to shower and get ready for dinner. I had an amazing time with great friends. I can’t wait to do it again. I hope everyone everyone had an awesome TURKEY DAY!!!!!!


Until next time, stay classy Miami.

-Dan Decibel