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Tarpon Time

Tarpon season is in partial swing here in the lower keys; there are migratory fish out back and migratory fish out front.  The tarpon’s verve to reproduce brings them up both the Gulf and Atlantic Coast every spring and if you know what points, small keys and contour lines they prefer to migrate around it can be quite the spectacle of a silver sidewalk.

_DSC0097, _DSC0069_DSC0092

With the arrival of the silver king comes my fun fishing busy season.  Friends, family and nomadic couch dwellers all make the pilgrimage to come down and get owned by their first tarpon on fly, if they can get past the trout set.





I was fortunate enough to have the chance to fish with my father for a couple days last week and it was great to see him get into some fish.  He hadn’t caught a tarpon in some 15 years so it was great to get a number of fish in the air and one special fish to the boat.



Other random photographic attempts….





Lets be respectful of both the fish and each other in the up coming months, were all out here for the same reason.

If you are fortunate enough to get a tarpon to hand please swab it for the Tarpon Genetic Recapture Study.  If you don’t know what im speaking of or need a DNA Sampling Kit go to…



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