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By: Will Korte

My favorite fish in the world is the dolphin. They taste great, they fight hard, they eat flies and they look awesome.

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By: Sam Collett (@collettjsam)

Photos by: Sam Collett & Ty Hibbs (@whatever_bites)

I’ve developed a bi-annual habit of leaving the southeast Louisiana mud, assembling a band of equally mental friends (and understanding girlfriends) and making a trip to somewhere tropical to wade fish.

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Spring. Battleground season in the Northeast when the warm, pleasant and consistent summery weather begins its war of attrition with the holdover days of winter. Short, cold and wet and dug into the latter […]

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The next three days of fishing were stellar We searched the island near and far for a serviceable guitar. After a few failed attempts we found one that wasn’t missing […]

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By the third day I had fallen into a routine. Adjusting to “island” time, I found myself sleeping in late, sitting and enjoying the view on the porch, and maybe […]

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