Caught not Bought: Mexico

by Skinny Water Culture August 02, 2017

By Ryan Saul

I love hunting, I love killing fish and I love eating meat. What I love more, and am fortunate enough to be doing full time, is pastoring a small church in Tampa called Calvary Chapel West Tampa.

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SWC Ditch Kids Week Two

by Jenn Stegura June 05, 2017

Welcome to week two Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids!

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Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Flats Fishing

by Skinny Water Culture May 26, 2017

By: Sam Collett (@collettjsam)

Photos by: Sam Collett & Ty Hibbs (@whatever_bites)

I’ve developed a bi-annual habit of leaving the southeast Louisiana mud, assembling a band of equally mental friends (and understanding girlfriends) and making a trip to somewhere tropical to wade fish.

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Kayaking in the Bahamas! Manta Ray, Tiger Shark, and Turtle Bros

by Jenn Stegura May 10, 2017

Merrick is out sailing in the Bahamas but, sent us this video to share with you guys! To see more of what Merrick is doing on his sailing adventure check […]

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3rd Annual Paddle Craft Tournament

by Vince Stegura February 17, 2017

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Surf Expo 2017

by Jenn Stegura January 29, 2017

Hey Fam!

Traveling back from Surf Expo 2017 in Orlando today and wanted to share with you guys some great news! Firstly, we had a great time at the show meeting with our incredible dealers, in addition, to meeting so many new dealers.

Our team has also expanded! We’re so proud to announce the addition of a powerhouse salsa loving duo of Sonia & Orlando! Stay tuned for Icast guys we’re going to be coming strong with new products already in development.

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ENP or Bust

by Chris Smith March 20, 2016

While timing and planning is always an important consideration, it often weighs too heavily on the mind and soul. Places and activities we have set apart for enjoyment are often […]

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Casting for Cats 2015

by Jenn Stegura November 11, 2015

I haven’t posted anything in a very long time but, I really wanted to share my incredible experience and hopefully encourage other lady anglers to participate in Casting for Cats; […]

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Water we Doing , Im Not Shore

by Kirk Laursen April 27, 2015

Keep in mind I haven’t offshore fished in like 2 years let alone by my self so I absolutely suck . The day started on friday after school when we […]

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A place always dreamed of

by Paul Cunningham April 27, 2015

This trip was to one of those places that I had always wanted to get too but had never had the chance. For years I had looked at Google Maps […]

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by Dan Decibel April 24, 2015

Recently lost my Monday to Friday job. No money and open schedules means Im usually trying to get rid of the built up stress, in our backyard of the Everglades. […]

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Prequel to 0400 Hours

by Dan Decibel February 05, 2015

If haven’t read the “0400 Hours” by Jason Fernandez, it is probably a good thing because this is the prequel. It was December 27th and we had decided to camp […]

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by Dan Decibel February 03, 2015

Over a week ago we had an unexpected guest show up at our house. Somehow a dog just started hanging out in the backyard with my Grandfather, who thinks he […]

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Last Minute Mission Pt.2

by Chris Smith February 01, 2015

It’s Been several weeks since our trip and memories seem to flow through my dreams like the tides we found ourselves in the hours before we set off on our […]

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Fishing 4 Work

by Dan Decibel January 27, 2015

Most of my fishing revolves around the clock. That being said, I work a “Monday to Friday” job and I don’t have to go in until noon-ish. I always hear […]

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Rainer and Noel’s Excellent Camping Adventure 2015

by Dan Decibel January 26, 2015

This past weekend was the Annual Camping trip hosted by Rainer and Noel Schaels. This was the 7th straight year they have hosted this awesome event. I was an attendee […]

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An Australian Native

by Paul Cunningham January 23, 2015

My wife and I are currently on a 15 000 km adventure driving across Australia from the West to the East and then back again. This was never going to […]

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Fat Guys in Little Boats

by Dan Decibel January 18, 2015

Currently on the way to the Florida Keys for a day of fishing. I writing this blog on behalf of Derek Rust, Jason Fernandez, and Joe Mirrione. For the past […]

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Conformity only restricts you.

by Ryley Batewell January 12, 2015

There was one point in my life, where I felt held down. Almost like I was being held back from something that I loved. I was stuck in a place […]

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Seasons Change

by Joe Mirrione December 16, 2014

Sometime around the end of September the season here in Florida begins to change and I personally put on a whole new game face. Casting platforms, fly rods, flies and […]

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Tying the KNOT pt. 2

by Bill Katzenberger December 02, 2014

So my bonefishing experience in Hawaii was top notch, even though I never successfully landed one. As for the other fish that filled gaps in between tides… unreal. The bonefish […]

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Ditch Hiking

by Ryan Accursio November 28, 2014

You know those days that you just explore and look for fish in every nook and cranny that looks like it could just maybe, maybe hold fish? That was my […]

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Tying the KNOT pt.1

by Bill Katzenberger November 17, 2014

When my fiance and I decided to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon lots of stuff immediately raced through my head; beautiful islands, great weather, taking my first trip with […]

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West And East

by Carlos Baz August 27, 2014

I did not fish the tarpon migration this year. Nor did I give chase to hefty spring time redfish wallowing in a meadow of turtle grass or pot-bellied snook foraging before […]

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