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Go check out SWC Ambassador Jeremy Chavez’s piece in the current This Is Fly online Mag.  Its good…really good.  www.thisisfly.com    

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A buddy of mine, Brandon Hicks, put this video together. It’s a recap of his 2012 fishing exploits. Some of the footage was from several trips we made together over […]

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I love fishing new water. I make a point to fish new areas as often as possible. Fishing the same worn-out spots becomes monotonous to me; that’s why I rarely […]

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“Should have been here yesterday.” Words you never want to hear utter from someone’s mouth when you travel a long way in hopes of catching a hot bite. Those words […]

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FINALLY!!! After four unsuccessful tries to get out on the water, this mofo dusted off the mask and headed out . I was so jacked packing up my gear I felt […]

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