Caught not Bought: Mexico

by Skinny Water Culture August 02, 2017

By Ryan Saul

I love hunting, I love killing fish and I love eating meat. What I love more, and am fortunate enough to be doing full time, is pastoring a small church in Tampa called Calvary Chapel West Tampa.

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The Gift of Silver

by Skinny Water Culture July 26, 2017

By: Will Korte

A few months back, I had the opportunity to fish with captain Harrison Hodges of H20 Charters. I was also fortunate to be fishing with my dad and our family friend Larry Branch.

Larry is a really amazing guy. He’s ran the Boston Marathon six times, traveled to more countries than I can name, served in the Army, taught at Harvard, Boston University, Duke and USF. He received his doctoral degree from Loyola University. Larry is one of the most respected names in the field of public health and is held in high regard around the world for his work.

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SWC Ditch Kids Week Nine

by Skinny Water Culture July 24, 2017

This week our Ditch Kids Initiatives are brought to you by Jay Johnson and Nick Halm from the Filipino Fly Fishing Club!

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ICAST 2017

by Skinny Water Culture July 19, 2017

By: Will Korte

The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, better known as ICAST just wrapped up July 14th in Orlando.

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SWC Ditch Kids Week Eight

by Skinny Water Culture July 17, 2017

All you ditch kids have done a great job all summer long! We’ve decided to extend the program for two more weeks, we have some great sponsors coming, so get excited! This week’s sponsor is Caught not Bought.

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Last Minute Plans

by Skinny Water Culture July 12, 2017

By Adam Mailliez

Covered in hydraulic fluid from head to toe and frustrated for missing a perfect day on the water – that is how my Saturday started.
Not exactly the best start to the weekend, but it happens, just had to roll with it and before I knew it was time to get cleaned up and get ready for a gathering of friends at Jeff’s house. We get to let the kids play and enjoy some drinks while telling fishing stories well into the night. These gatherings don’t happen nearly enough but they are always a good time. We arrived, and I was still frustrated about my broken boat and my lack of time and ability to fix it, I thought that it meant no fishing Sunday either.

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SWC Ditch Kids Week Seven

by Skinny Water Culture July 10, 2017

It’s hard to believe that there’s only one week left in our Ditch Kids summer program! You guys have been killing it and I’m sure that this week will be no different, so lets get to it! This week’s hosts are West Wall Outfitters and Captains for Clean Water.

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Cloudy with a chance of reds

by Skinny Water Culture July 05, 2017

By: Will Korte

My favorite fish in the world is the dolphin. They taste great, they fight hard, they eat flies and they look awesome.

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SWC Ditch Kids Week Six

by Skinny Water Culture July 03, 2017

Welcome back Ditch Kids! We’re getting down to the wire! This week our collective members are Landon Mace @Landon_Mace and Captain Royce Dahnke @realtrippymahi.

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SWC Ditch Kids Week Five

by Skinny Water Culture June 26, 2017

This week’s Ditch Kid’s hosts are coming to you from the keys! This week we have Captains Derek Rust and Mike O’ Dell ( @derek_rust and @captcrunchodell ).

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The Scum Pond Chronicles

by Skinny Water Culture June 21, 2017

By: Will Korte

People will do some crazy things for fish, in the case of my friends and I it means using GPS imagery to try to find salt ponds and other isolated bodies of water where baby tarpon, snook and others lurk. When you find the angling version of a hole in the wall restaurant, epic fishing adventures can ensue.

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SWC Ditch Kids Week Three

by Skinny Water Culture June 12, 2017

We hope everyone is excited for week 3 of our Ditch Kids Summer Initiative!

Our hosts from the collective this week are Captain Court Douthit @recreationspecialist and Captain Brian Jill @captbrianjill.




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ENP or Bust

by Chris Smith March 20, 2016

While timing and planning is always an important consideration, it often weighs too heavily on the mind and soul. Places and activities we have set apart for enjoyment are often […]

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A Year To REDmember

by Craig Mcmicken December 17, 2014

As for many of us each trip marks a new mile stone and checks off another item on our bucket list’s. For me this whole year has been filled with […]

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Florida Native

by Dustin Pack May 09, 2014

My name is Dustin Pack and I’ve been granted this great opportunity to supply the SWC blog with all of my awesomely killer and radical fishing stories and photos.Born in […]

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Carp Flies

by Adam January 22, 2013

  Out of pure respect, all my flies are barbless…     “Carp Damsels” (#10 TMC 5263)   This fly is my go-to pattern. Over the years it has proved […]

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Taking it Back Sunday?

by Eric Estrada October 01, 2012

Warren just picked up his first fly combo, and called me this morning itchin’ to put it to work. So we went and had lunch at a cuban restaurant, then […]

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Three to go…

by Adam September 12, 2012

  I’ve been slacking hardcore on carp updates… My quest to catch at least one carp per month, January through December has been going quite well… Commence Carp Overload…   […]

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