West And East

by Carlos Baz August 27, 2014

I did not fish the tarpon migration this year. Nor did I give chase to hefty spring time redfish wallowing in a meadow of turtle grass or pot-bellied snook foraging before […]

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Chesapeake Bay Stripers

by Mark May 29, 2014

Spring brings the world’s largest striped bass into the Chesapeake Bay as they follow a smorgasbord of bait and other anadromous species on their annual migration on the East Coast. […]

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by Carlos Baz May 10, 2014

Spring. Battleground season in the Northeast when the warm, pleasant and consistent summery weather begins its war of attrition with the holdover days of winter. Short, cold and wet and dug into the latter […]

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The End

by Carlos Baz November 12, 2013

The End   Dread ocean. Nerved entire, with the infinite vermiculate entwine of contradictory water. Elemental blues that rise. Fall. Run. Steer the tide beating across Shag Lump. Feel the restless […]

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The Psychopomp and the Angler

by Carlos Baz April 05, 2013

Ferrying deceased fish, glistening effigies to a former prowess, onto to their final resting places is my profession. I do not dispense the deathblows, as I am but a humble […]

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