by Dan Decibel April 24, 2015

Recently lost my Monday to Friday job. No money and open schedules means Im usually trying to get rid of the built up stress, in our backyard of the Everglades. […]

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“The Raffle” Video

by Dan Decibel February 18, 2015

This past December 2014, Skinny Water Culture hosted their annual Christmas Party. Tons of people gave donations such as toys, money, and canned goods for those in need of help. […]

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by Dan Decibel February 03, 2015

Over a week ago we had an unexpected guest show up at our house. Somehow a dog just started hanging out in the backyard with my Grandfather, who thinks he […]

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Going Way Back (Part 1)

by Court January 24, 2015

I was able to get a weekday off with Hard Core Fly Tying (HCFT) ambassador, Dustin Pack, to go explore a local creek that we have been eyeballing on Google […]

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Fat Guys in Little Boats

by Dan Decibel January 18, 2015

Currently on the way to the Florida Keys for a day of fishing. I writing this blog on behalf of Derek Rust, Jason Fernandez, and Joe Mirrione. For the past […]

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Jacked UP

by Dan Decibel January 06, 2015

Happy New Years everyone!!!! I wanna start by apologizing for the lack of posting in such a long time, I recently moved to a rural area with no internet. Aside […]

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Rainy Days

by Derek October 26, 2014

The weather in the Keys has totally gone to crap the last few days.  Endless rain and wind have me cooped up in the house, and it’s starting to get […]

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West And East

by Carlos Baz August 27, 2014

I did not fish the tarpon migration this year. Nor did I give chase to hefty spring time redfish wallowing in a meadow of turtle grass or pot-bellied snook foraging before […]

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The Wade

by Patrick Rhea July 23, 2014

[vimeo 101465267 w=500 h=281] <p><a href=”″>The Wade</a> from <a href=”″>Patrick R</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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by Dan Decibel July 15, 2014

This past weekend of July 11, 2014, I decided to make a last minute trip to Port Orange, Fl to fish and surf with good friends Patrick Gingras and his […]

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“In the Loop”

by Dan Decibel May 12, 2014

This video is about an afternoon doing some exploring/fishing in Loop Road located in the Everglades right off US41. Loop road is the reason why I started flats fishing in […]

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One Vague Word

by Carlos Baz March 20, 2014

It was the third redfish we had seen since poling up onto the flat. Selfsame as the last two. Oversized and broad across the shoulders and neck where the small […]

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…Some fishing Lately…

by Dan Decibel March 19, 2014

I want to start by apologizing for the lack of blogging. I have been really lazy lately and it has gotten the best of me. Aside from that I hope […]

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Visions of Spring.

by Ryley Batewell February 05, 2014

When I envision Spring, I think of 2 places. Those would be WNC (Western North Carolina) trout streams, and this creek that flows by my town, known as Twelve Mile Creek. Despite […]

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First post of 2014

by Dan Decibel January 07, 2014

Happy New Years everyone, on my behalf. I hope everyone is doing great and looking forward to this upcoming year. Let me start by saying my New Years resolution was […]

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Sportsman’s Paradise Part I

by Jeremy Chavez December 29, 2013

Every time I try to explain to someone what makes the fishery in Louisiana unique I end up at the same moot point. Louisiana is just something you have to […]

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Low Life

by Patrick Rhea December 27, 2013

  A short little video of fly fishing the low winter tides of Naples florida. All the best, -Patrick Rhea

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Beloved Social Media

by Patrick Rhea December 21, 2013

I’m sure that each and everyone of you reading this post is involved in some sort of social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We all got one. […]

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SWC Christmas Party Weekend

by Dan Decibel December 18, 2013

This past weekend SWC hosted their Annual Christmas party, that took place in IC Sharks located in Tampa. I had to drive alone because I had no one to go […]

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Old Man Winter

by Derek December 16, 2013

Well, it’s about that time of year where the fishing in the Keys makes a drastic change. The north winds have began to blow and the temps are dropping. Old […]

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Fishing before work

by Dan Decibel December 11, 2013

Headed out today in the morning with Ryan Accursio on his gheenoe. He invited me last minute on tuesday to see if we can get a bit of fishing before […]

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Flamingo 12/3

by Dan Decibel December 04, 2013

Headed out yesterday for the first time with Ryan Accursio. We have been talking about heading out for a while to do some peacock fishing. He has a gheenoe and […]

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by Dan Decibel December 02, 2013

This Holiday weekend was awesome. I had 4 days off work and finally got the chance to take out the Diablos out on the water. All of my fishing trips […]

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Thanksgiving Afternoon

by Dan Decibel November 30, 2013

First of all let me say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone had a nice time with their friends and family, I know I did. Anyways I was planning […]

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