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After three days on my brother’s home island we embarked for the last time to another island, a little ways northeast, that is home to robust flats and large bonefish. […]

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With the guide season finally slowing down, I have actually had some time to get out on the water lately to do some fishing with my good buddy Chris Lewis. […]

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Well here are a few more paintings I have done. These are all up for grabs. Although this Bonefish one does match my room color scheme perfectly. Selling it will […]

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Day 1: I arrived to an incredible scene…pink sky, light warm wind, any shiny silver tails waving about…this is what summer fishing is all about. I was in perfect position […]

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Throughout the NBA playoffs, I found myself far too into what was an emotional roller coaster. Feeling great at the highest points, and feeling like gum on the bottom of […]

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