Summer on the Road Part II

by Jeremy Chavez January 28, 2014

It’s been a while. Where did I leave off? Oh ya, I left off in late August. After spending a week in the Louisiana marsh as an instructor for Outdoor […]

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Sportsman’s Paradise Part I

by Jeremy Chavez December 29, 2013

Every time I try to explain to someone what makes the fishery in Louisiana unique I end up at the same moot point. Louisiana is just something you have to […]

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Summer on the Road Part I

by Jeremy Chavez December 10, 2013

Ever since I was a little boy I had an innate appetite to see the world. As much as I enjoy fishing my home waters of the Upper Texas Coast […]

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Games of Chance. Games of Sport.

by Carlos Baz February 26, 2013

Some time ago, and with varying degrees of reluctance, I gave up the luxury of “let’s go fishing”. Capitalizing on bluebird days, nonexistent wind, perfect tides, a hot bite, or […]

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Cajun Country

by Jeremy Chavez February 08, 2012

When I think of Louisiana a few things quickly come to mind: casinos, Mardi Gras, Cajun food, and thousands of acres of ripe estuaries. No place in the US boasts […]

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