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Happy New Years everyone, on my behalf. I hope everyone is doing great and looking forward to this upcoming year. Let me start by saying my New Years resolution was […]

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Let me start by saying that I haven’t fished once this past month. I finally had a break from work and Djing this weekend. The weather was was looking great […]

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Here’s what i’ve been working on lately. Join me on this Kayak quest through out the coastal waters of South Florida. Watch as I chase a complete cast of characters that […]

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A buddy of mine, Brandon Hicks, put this video together. It’s a recap of his 2012 fishing exploits. Some of the footage was from several trips we made together over […]

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I love fishing new water. I make a point to fish new areas as often as possible. Fishing the same worn-out spots becomes monotonous to me; that’s why I rarely […]

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