Last Minute Plans

by Skinny Water Culture July 12, 2017

By Adam Mailliez

Covered in hydraulic fluid from head to toe and frustrated for missing a perfect day on the water – that is how my Saturday started.
Not exactly the best start to the weekend, but it happens, just had to roll with it and before I knew it was time to get cleaned up and get ready for a gathering of friends at Jeff’s house. We get to let the kids play and enjoy some drinks while telling fishing stories well into the night. These gatherings don’t happen nearly enough but they are always a good time. We arrived, and I was still frustrated about my broken boat and my lack of time and ability to fix it, I thought that it meant no fishing Sunday either.

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Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Flats Fishing

by Skinny Water Culture May 26, 2017

By: Sam Collett (@collettjsam)

Photos by: Sam Collett & Ty Hibbs (@whatever_bites)

I’ve developed a bi-annual habit of leaving the southeast Louisiana mud, assembling a band of equally mental friends (and understanding girlfriends) and making a trip to somewhere tropical to wade fish.

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Black Fly on Mustad

by Skinny Water Culture May 22, 2017

By: Court Douthit

It’s that time of year again, when several of us start burning the candle at both ends. That means tarpon fishing at night around lighted structure, dawn missions for rolling fish and of course being out there from 10 a.m. to 2 or 3 p.m. whenever possible to take advantage of the high sun angle.

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September’s HCFT Tie One Off Challenge

by Dustin Pack September 04, 2015

Welcome to September’s Tie One Off challenge. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize you must be signed up for our SWC Newsletter. You can sign up under […]

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August’s Hardcore Fly Tying Tie One Off Challenge

by Dustin Pack August 07, 2015

Welcome to August’s Tie One Off challenge. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize you must be signed up for our SWC Newsletter. You can sign up under […]

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“The Raffle” Video

by Dan Decibel February 18, 2015

This past December 2014, Skinny Water Culture hosted their annual Christmas Party. Tons of people gave donations such as toys, money, and canned goods for those in need of help. […]

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Going Way Back (Part 1)

by Court January 24, 2015

I was able to get a weekday off with Hard Core Fly Tying (HCFT) ambassador, Dustin Pack, to go explore a local creek that we have been eyeballing on Google […]

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FATE in The Wind

by Dan Decibel January 12, 2015

I am writing this blog on behalf of Derek Rust, Jason Fernandez and myself. Sorry for the amount of pics and bad grammar. This past weekend was nothing short of […]

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SWC 2015

by Vince January 09, 2015

Well, 2014 was a pretty crazy year. That’s all history, so it’s merely a mirage when it really comes down to it. Just like the years prior. That’s just the […]

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Life of a convict

by Robbie Wenrich December 01, 2014

Its getting cold here in Tampa Bay, kicking off the 4 month sentence where it seems every backwater mudflat has a large general population of convicts putting in time. Everywhere […]

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St Brandon’s- A Fly Fishing gem

by Chris Bladen May 14, 2014

  A month ago, I found myself frantically packing and re-packing my bags after a short notice opportunity to visit St Brandon’s atoll with well known guiding co Flycastaway. This […]

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Florida Native

by Dustin Pack May 09, 2014

My name is Dustin Pack and I’ve been granted this great opportunity to supply the SWC blog with all of my awesomely killer and radical fishing stories and photos.Born in […]

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Not Taking Things For Granted, and Glad To Be Back On The Water.

by Paul N September 07, 2013

A couple of months ago, I was walking around at work with a sore back. This was not an uncommon experience, as I have been plagued with back pain of […]

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Ailing Afternoon Drive

by Eric Estrada August 20, 2013

After being trapped all day in bed with a fever, I decided to get out in hopes that it would at least clear my mind. So I made a call […]

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Welcome to Miami: “Small, Bright, and Heavy”

by Eric Estrada June 10, 2013

Day one: Bjorn Stromsness and Adrienne Comeau arrived early in the AM, and were to fish with Martin Carranza in Biscayne Bay searching for bonefish. I was to pick up […]

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New Kid on the Blog

by Chris Lancaster April 18, 2013

My name is Chris Lancaster and I hail from Tarpon, Texas. They changed it to Port Aransas back in the ’30s, but Tarpon, Texas sounds way cooler. Anyway, I picked […]

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SWC Bahamas Trip 2013

by Derek March 28, 2013

Well, another year, another badass trip to the Bahamas.  We had a great week with some great company.  I miss it already, and am anxiously awaiting our return.  The Bahamas […]

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by Chris Lewis March 09, 2013

It’s been cold. I’m over it. Ready for Spring. Bahamas, Destin, cobia, tarpon, bonefish….it will get better. Stay tuned…     A buddy Alex had to settle for this slot […]

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Kayak Concerto: Fly Fishing South Florida on the Kayak

by Dan Decibel February 27, 2013

Here’s what i’ve been working on lately. Join me on this Kayak quest through out the coastal waters of South Florida. Watch as I chase a complete cast of characters that […]

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Bahamas With a Side of Cold Frontage

by Chris Lewis February 25, 2013

Guest Report by Hootie Hoo of our Bahamas trip last week.  All photos by Jason Hawkins and Chris Lewis   It had been a mild winter. About a week before […]

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Quickie IV

by Chris Lewis January 15, 2013

Can’t catch them all….

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Marea Roja (Red Tide) & Seasons Greetings from Alabama!

by Paul Sonnen December 24, 2012

Hello Skinny Water Culture, Paul Sonnen, here reporting from the northern Gulf Coast, and proud to be posting my first of many blogs here on the cyber net! I’m not […]

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River Poons

by Chris R October 22, 2012

Last month, on our way back from fishing the Herman Lucerne Memorial Tournament in Islamorada, my buddy Mike and I took a trip deep into Everglades National Park to fish […]

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Flamingo to Islamorada (Part 2)

by Dan Decibel October 22, 2012

Earlier this week I got a text from Chris if I wanted to join a 3 day trip from Flamingo to Islamorada on the Kayaks, without thinking im like of […]

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