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This past weekend we hosted our 1st tournament outside of the Tampa Bay area ever. It was the 1st Annual SWC Red Drum Classic in Destin, Fl. SWC Collective member […]

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Skinny Water Culture is very proud to announce the 1st Annual Red Drum Classic! Going down November 9th & 10th at The Local Market in beautiful Destin, FL! All ages & skill […]

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Skinny Water Culture warmly invites you & your family to come celebrate our favorite event of the year!! For our 10th Annual Skinny Water Culture/ Hardcore Fly Tying Christmas Bash, we

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By Adam Mailliez

Covered in hydraulic fluid from head to toe and frustrated for missing a perfect day on the water – that is how my Saturday started.
Not exactly the best start to the weekend, but it happens, just had to roll with it and before I knew it was time to get cleaned up and get ready for a gathering of friends at Jeff’s house. We get to let the kids play and enjoy some drinks while telling fishing stories well into the night. These gatherings don’t happen nearly enough but they are always a good time. We arrived, and I was still frustrated about my broken boat and my lack of time and ability to fix it, I thought that it meant no fishing Sunday either.

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By: Will Korte

People will do some crazy things for fish, in the case of my friends and I it means using GPS imagery to try to find salt ponds and other isolated bodies of water where baby tarpon, snook and others lurk. When you find the angling version of a hole in the wall restaurant, epic fishing adventures can ensue.

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