by Dan Decibel April 24, 2015

Recently lost my Monday to Friday job. No money and open schedules means Im usually trying to get rid of the built up stress, in our backyard of the Everglades. […]

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“The Raffle” Video

by Dan Decibel February 18, 2015

This past December 2014, Skinny Water Culture hosted their annual Christmas Party. Tons of people gave donations such as toys, money, and canned goods for those in need of help. […]

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by Dan Decibel February 03, 2015

Over a week ago we had an unexpected guest show up at our house. Somehow a dog just started hanging out in the backyard with my Grandfather, who thinks he […]

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Fishing 4 Work

by Dan Decibel January 27, 2015

Most of my fishing revolves around the clock. That being said, I work a “Monday to Friday” job and I don’t have to go in until noon-ish. I always hear […]

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Rainer and Noel’s Excellent Camping Adventure 2015

by Dan Decibel January 26, 2015

This past weekend was the Annual Camping trip hosted by Rainer and Noel Schaels. This was the 7th straight year they have hosted this awesome event. I was an attendee […]

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Road to Nowhere Trailer

by Jeremy Chavez July 18, 2014

Last May a group of friends traveled from Texas to the primitive snook and tarpon-laden backcountry of the southernmost tip of Florida. We had one goal in mind: to get […]

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“In the Loop”

by Dan Decibel May 12, 2014

This video is about an afternoon doing some exploring/fishing in Loop Road located in the Everglades right off US41. Loop road is the reason why I started flats fishing in […]

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The Tamiami Trail

by Joe Mirrione March 11, 2014

Leaving Pinellas County heading south you soon find yourself at the apex of a giant bridge supported by a bright fan of yellow cables with the waters of Tampa Bay […]

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Big Cypress

by Kirk Ragoonath March 05, 2014

One of my favorite places to get away from the city, Big Cypress National Preserve. Its 729,000 acres of endless cypress swamp with many opportunities to get up close with […]

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First post of 2014

by Dan Decibel January 07, 2014

Happy New Years everyone, on my behalf. I hope everyone is doing great and looking forward to this upcoming year. Let me start by saying my New Years resolution was […]

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Beloved Social Media

by Patrick Rhea December 21, 2013

I’m sure that each and everyone of you reading this post is involved in some sort of social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We all got one. […]

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Fishing before work

by Dan Decibel December 11, 2013

Headed out today in the morning with Ryan Accursio on his gheenoe. He invited me last minute on tuesday to see if we can get a bit of fishing before […]

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by Dan Decibel December 02, 2013

This Holiday weekend was awesome. I had 4 days off work and finally got the chance to take out the Diablos out on the water. All of my fishing trips […]

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Thanksgiving Afternoon

by Dan Decibel November 30, 2013

First of all let me say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone had a nice time with their friends and family, I know I did. Anyways I was planning […]

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by Dan Decibel November 27, 2013

The other day I got a call from Vince saying he had talked to some guy named Patrick, who wanted to come down to Miami to peacock fish with his […]

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Magic City Freshwater

by Dan Decibel November 20, 2013

Since I haven’t been on the water much, due to high winds and work. I have been hitting the fresh water for some peacocks. These trips are never planned, the […]

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7wt Chronicles

by Paul N October 03, 2013

Since my last post I have been back at work, trying to get everything back in order. However, I am still taking time to fish as much as I can, […]

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Sunday Funday!!

by Dan Decibel July 29, 2013

I’ve been working all this week due to the fact that I actually have a job now besides Djing. Sunday was my only day off. The weather was predicted for […]

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Summertime Reds in the Park

by Dan Decibel July 18, 2013

Since the weather has been pretty bad lately, I figured I post my last trip on the Diablos to the park. My favorite part of the day was paddling out […]

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Diablo Double Teaming Mingo

by Dan Decibel June 13, 2013

Ever since I got the Diablos tons of people have been asking me to take them out. The reason is because they have never been fishing on a paddle craft. […]

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Glutton for Punishment

by Jeremy Chavez May 28, 2013

My buddy John and I have talked about fishing the Everglades for big snook for years. Both of us have caught our fair share of Texas Linesiders (see photos below), […]

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Let’s Search for Silver

by Eric Estrada May 08, 2013

Well, Spring has been in full swing for the past month. Normally, that would mean I would be balls deep in schools of over slot redfish all over Florida Bay. […]

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Kayak Concerto: Fly Fishing South Florida on the Kayak

by Dan Decibel February 27, 2013

Here’s what i’ve been working on lately. Join me on this Kayak quest through out the coastal waters of South Florida. Watch as I chase a complete cast of characters that […]

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Drum and Bass

by Eric Estrada February 13, 2013

I feel as if the past two months, it has been endless days of sustained winds of over 20knts. It has made it tough, but sometimes you just got to […]

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