by Dan Decibel February 03, 2015

Over a week ago we had an unexpected guest show up at our house. Somehow a dog just started hanging out in the backyard with my Grandfather, who thinks he […]

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Fishing 4 Work

by Dan Decibel January 27, 2015

Most of my fishing revolves around the clock. That being said, I work a “Monday to Friday” job and I don’t have to go in until noon-ish. I always hear […]

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Rainer and Noel’s Excellent Camping Adventure 2015

by Dan Decibel January 26, 2015

This past weekend was the Annual Camping trip hosted by Rainer and Noel Schaels. This was the 7th straight year they have hosted this awesome event. I was an attendee […]

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Indiana Jones Chronicles- Post Spawn Browns

by Scot Hinkel January 21, 2015

  Sometimes i get sick of swingin and indicating for chromers. it usually happens about mid way through the winter when the fish start goin through their change. I just […]

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Getting Hostel

by Court January 15, 2015

The Plan:  Convert my F250 to run on alternative fuels.  Eat fried everything and dump the oil into the truck. Brian Jill inspired me with his Geofish project.  My story […]

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“In the Loop”

by Dan Decibel May 12, 2014

This video is about an afternoon doing some exploring/fishing in Loop Road located in the Everglades right off US41. Loop road is the reason why I started flats fishing in […]

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by Dan Decibel December 02, 2013

This Holiday weekend was awesome. I had 4 days off work and finally got the chance to take out the Diablos out on the water. All of my fishing trips […]

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Thanksgiving Afternoon

by Dan Decibel November 30, 2013

First of all let me say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone had a nice time with their friends and family, I know I did. Anyways I was planning […]

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…Sunday Afternoon …

by Dan Decibel November 25, 2013

I got a call from Pk to do some peacock fishing. He said he was with his girlfriend Dannette and his Little brother Lared. As I hung up, I heard […]

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Labor Day Weekend in the Keys!

by Dan Decibel September 16, 2013

Let me start by saying that I haven’t fished once this past month. I finally had a break from work and Djing this weekend. The weather was was looking great […]

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SCFT- The Falkor Fly

by Dan Decibel January 13, 2013

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Skinny Water Bones

by Mark December 10, 2011

Our week on the beach in video format. Enjoy.  

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Back To Reality

by Mark December 07, 2011

The last two days of our trip went by in a blur. After a week of fishing under the hot sun and sleeping on the beach, our bodies were begging […]

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The Sweet Spot

by Mark October 24, 2011

The beast rejuvenated us and reminded us of why we were there: to fish our asses off. That night, we found a place to buy ice, we parked ourselves on […]

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by Mark October 17, 2011

Morning of day four, we awoke to a passing squall that spit rain into the tent and made anymore sleep impossible as high winds ripped across the tent. It was […]

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Camp Life

by Mark October 13, 2011

“I’d rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth.” – Steve McQueen If you’re thinking of going to one of the wild places for […]

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The Beach

by Mark October 11, 2011

The sun crept slowly up on the horizon showering the inside of the tent with beams of light. Tossing and turning, Adam and I refused to get up until the […]

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Everyday We’re Shuffling

by Mark October 10, 2011

Under the cover of darkness we settled down on a suitable stretch of beach for the night. I was pretty tired after helping Matt and Mark pitch their tent so […]

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Pure Bliss

by Mark October 09, 2011

Our arrival signaled the capstone of our month long sojourn in the Caribbean. As the ferry workers unloaded our pontoons onto the dock, we patiently awaited the arrival of our […]

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A Week on a Beach

by Mark October 08, 2011

As the rising sun flooded the volcanic hillsides, we piled our gear on the dock to await our ferry. In a few short hours, we’d be wet-wading, in the moment, […]

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I’m On A Boat

by Mark August 09, 2011

Early morning and it is pitch black outside as we load up the SUV with all our gear and food for a week long excursion. We drive down deserted roadways […]

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Meeting Up

by Mark August 07, 2011

Third night of the trip and we are sitting around at night tying another round of tarpon flies. They are our easiest quarry (not easy) and after three days our […]

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Fresh Off The Plane

by Mark August 04, 2011

I always find it interesting to begin your day in one part of the world and end your day in some other part. Arriving at the destination, I usually find […]

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