September’s HCFT Tie One Off Challenge

by Dustin Pack September 04, 2015

Welcome to September’s Tie One Off challenge. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize you must be signed up for our SWC Newsletter. You can sign up under […]

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Tidal Carp

by Mark November 19, 2014

Fly fishing for carp has opened up a lot of fishing opportunities in a region I am otherwise quite limited in without owning a boat. After several years of plying […]

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Carp Tales

by Mark May 06, 2014

As I approached the bank of the pond for the first time this Spring, I immediately saw an image I had not seen in quite some time. A long dark […]

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Damsel in Distress SBS

by Mark April 17, 2014

  A few years ago, Adam Hope created the Carp Damsel, which is a hybridized version of a damsel and dragon nymph designed to target carp. The fly excelled across […]

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by Bill Katzenberger February 16, 2014

For the past 2 months Chicago has been pounded with snow, subzero temperatures, ice, and wind. We broke two records for the coldest days in IL history this winter, we […]

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Summer Sessions

by Adam January 04, 2014

Taking a look back, my last days of summer were well spent. I fished a lot of new water and got to try some new techniques in the process. I […]

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Backup Plans

by Mark October 02, 2013

  It is late August and there are sporadic reports of good numbers of salmon running through the lower end of the Douglastown Salmon Run. Naturally, my mind wondered to […]

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El Chupacabra

by Mark August 21, 2013

My brother Matt was married on a Friday evening in the Poconos to his ultimate catch, Stacy. The wedding party spent the weekend at a lake house nearby and word […]

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by Adam July 19, 2013

  The first week of June usually signals the beginning of that special time of year. Mulberry time. The mulberries are now ripe enough to attract the attention of hungry […]

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Cold Fresh Water

by Jeremy Loercher July 17, 2013

I am a saltwater guy, you know this. But I finally got a chance to hunt some Native Trout, Rainbow Trout and Carp. I drove south from Western NY into […]

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A Date with the Devils

by Jeremy Chavez July 10, 2013

I often wonder what it would have been like to be born before the advent of modern civilization. A time before pollution, homes, shopping centers and high-rises swallowed our unobstructed […]

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Muddy Water Carping

by Mark June 30, 2013

  With the heat of summer upon us, it is also time for that annual threat, the severe thunderstorm. Looking at weather forecasts, it seems as if thunderstorms are expected […]

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Slingshot Casts

by Mark May 22, 2013

  I have been fly fishing for carp a lot this spring, more than any other spring I can remember. My experiences have revealed a few new insights that previously […]

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

by Adam May 17, 2013

The month of April in the Mid-Atlantic region brings a plethora of fishing opportunities. An angler can pursue trout under blanketing hatches mayflies and caddis, intercept shad running up river, […]

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Spring is in the air…

by Adam April 09, 2013

Spring is definitely here and the carp are enjoying it as much as I am. The warmer temperatures draw them to the surface where they slowly cruise, or lay up like […]

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The Psychopomp and the Angler

by Carlos Baz April 05, 2013

Ferrying deceased fish, glistening effigies to a former prowess, onto to their final resting places is my profession. I do not dispense the deathblows, as I am but a humble […]

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Bringing Sexy Back…

by Adam April 01, 2013

For carpers like myself catching an ornamental beauty is one of the best feelings there is. When you manage to catch three in one day… Now that’s something special.  Who […]

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Carp Exploration

by Mark March 24, 2013

  The weekend forecast called for a heavy dose of sunshine, light wind, and springtime temperatures to ring in daylight savings. With the nice weather, I actually considered heading to […]

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Sixth Sense

by Mark March 06, 2013

  There comes a point in every fly fisherman’s maturation when they naturally develop a sixth sense. This can found on the trout stream where a nymph fishermen senses the […]

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Carp Flies: Part Two

by Mark January 23, 2013

  Out of pure respect, all my flies are barbed… Just kidding…   My number one carp fly: Carp Spawn TMC 2457 Sizes 8-16   Over the years, my number one […]

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Carp Flies

by Adam January 22, 2013

  Out of pure respect, all my flies are barbless…     “Carp Damsels” (#10 TMC 5263)   This fly is my go-to pattern. Over the years it has proved […]

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Why Carp?

by David Wratchford December 13, 2012

Carp are a formidable opponent no matter what. When you add a fly rod into that mix some would say that they’re damn near impossible.  I try to spend as […]

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Snow Carpin’

by Adam November 29, 2012

  As Fall slowly fades and Winter takes over, here in the northeast the carp become quite lethargic and are much harder to find. The term hardcore becomes an understatement as you head out […]

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The Men Who Stare At Nothing…

by Mark November 26, 2012

    It’s mid-Fall and I find myself stepping outside to the first chilly air of the fall. Overnight, temperatures plunged into the thirties signaling the end of warmth and […]

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