The Scum Pond Chronicles

by Skinny Water Culture June 21, 2017

By: Will Korte

People will do some crazy things for fish, in the case of my friends and I it means using GPS imagery to try to find salt ponds and other isolated bodies of water where baby tarpon, snook and others lurk. When you find the angling version of a hole in the wall restaurant, epic fishing adventures can ensue.

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bare necessities

by Robbie Wenrich March 20, 2015

Life, it has its ups and downs twists and turns, but never gives us more than we can handle. Lately, things have winding on my end. Between family situations, car […]

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Respect the spot

by Robbie Wenrich December 29, 2014

We all have them local, go to ponds to get our quick fishing fix. To take our kids for a bass and bluegill bite. Most of them are on private […]

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BaCk To ThE BaSiCs

by Bill Katzenberger July 06, 2014

Driving home from a long weekend at the lake house I realized that I barely wet a line. With the weather still cooperating I decided to run home, drop off […]

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Bronze backs and Khaki Slacks

by Bill Katzenberger May 14, 2014

I have been trying to get these pictures up for two weeks now… I had the pleasure of drifting the Kankakee River with close friend Capt. Will Winans two Friday’s […]

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“In the Loop”

by Dan Decibel May 12, 2014

This video is about an afternoon doing some exploring/fishing in Loop Road located in the Everglades right off US41. Loop road is the reason why I started flats fishing in […]

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Visions of Spring.

by Ryley Batewell February 05, 2014

When I envision Spring, I think of 2 places. Those would be WNC (Western North Carolina) trout streams, and this creek that flows by my town, known as Twelve Mile Creek. Despite […]

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A Date with the Devils

by Jeremy Chavez July 10, 2013

I often wonder what it would have been like to be born before the advent of modern civilization. A time before pollution, homes, shopping centers and high-rises swallowed our unobstructed […]

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I am the Bassassinator!

by David Wratchford December 03, 2012

Sorry Jay I had to steal that!  Castaic Lake isn’t always kind to me; it’s one of those places where it’s just as easy to take a skunking as it […]

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