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The last few times Derek Rust and I had the opportunity to chill together we were either ducking hurricanes or repairing hurricane damage. Paul Nocifora and I have been friends on social media and have several mutual friends but hadn’t fished together so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I met Paul at his house in Naples. He and Derek had agreed to take his skiff for the Cuda Bowl. We hitched up and rolled south.

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A group of friends and I spent a week on Andros Island, Bahamas…Kaliks, Bonefish and the shenanigans that ensued…

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I’ve been home in Texas for a few weeks and I’m still on island time. The trip to the Bahamas came and went in the blink of an eye, but […]

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I was gonna write a big story about today but you guys don’t read this shit anyways. Summary – I blew some shots at bones, broke off a big permit […]

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This is a shared experience told from two points of view and from a few places in time. Italics differentiate between the speakers. Enjoy. Dream sequence The small mullet darted […]

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