SWC Ditch Kids Summer Initiative: Week 3

by Vince Stegura June 18, 2018 0 Comments

WEEK 3 Host: Captain Adam Mailliez of Tampa Bay Angling Company and Compound Boardshop





1. Fish a gurgler at dawn or sunset after breaking the hook off so you can watch a fish eat without the tug.
2. Give away one of your favorite tee shirts to a non profit thrift store.
3. Watch an inspiring documentary about someone who’s accomplished something great.
4. Email an orphanage over seas and thank them for the work that they do.
5. Take out your neighbors trash cans to the street in the morning of trash day without telling them that you did.
6. Wash your parents car without them knowing.
7. Post a photo on social media about someone that is older than you that you respect, and tell us why you respect them.
8. Find a landscaper or lawn service person and give them a cold Gatorade.
9. Send a hand written letter to a family member that you haven’t seen in over a year telling them about a great memory that you shared.
10. Write a good review online about a local business that you like.



Also, this coming Saturday 6/23, Compound Boardshop is hosting the Bigfoot Snook Challenge! We hope to see you all there!!


If you haven’t signed up make sure you do so we know where to send your prizes! Sign up Link. Don’t forget to check back every Monday on our site to see the new activities list for you to complete.

If you have any questions reach out to us directly by email at Jenn@skinnywaterculture.com.

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