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SWC Ditch Kids Week Two

Welcome to week two Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids!

We are off to a really great start this summer! We have 70 kids registered and have begun seeing photos you all have shared online with us. Congratulations to those that completed 7 out of 10 tasks! We have a custom SWC Ditch Kids T-shirt coming your way that only participating Ditch Kids can get!

Thank you to our friends at 13 Fishing for co-hosting with us last week! We hope this is the first year of many!

No need to worry if you missed week one each week has it’s own challenges, new hosts, and new gear to win. Jump in anytime and encourage your friends to sign up. Partner up to do great things in your community and be good stewards of the environment and waterways we all love so much!

Meet your week two Co-Hosts and our long time friends: Captain Jason Fernandez of So Fla Angling Co. and Dj Dan Decibel of Headwake Media both members of the SWC Collective 

Here are the tasks they created for you guys: (Don’t forget to capture the fun to share) 

1. Afternoon neighborhood trash drive recyclables 5 lbs of trash. 

2· Lend a helping hand to a neighbor near by raking leaves, bathe a pet, or wash a car.

3. Set the table for dinner.

4. Volunteer at a pet shelter.

5. Make 5 different friends laugh.

6. Donate 7 non-perishable food items to the local homeless/animal shelter.

7. Write a note to the person that has influenced you the most and explain how they have influenced you in a positive way.

8. Take someone fishing that has never fished before.

9. Write a thank you note to your neighborhood first responders, hand it to anyone at the station,  and ask them to read it.

10. Take a blank shirt, write “Smile, Today is your day!” on the front, and take a picture with someone it made smile.

In return for completing 7 tasks by Sunday June 11th at Midnight EST, you guys will win exclusive Skinny Water Culture Ditch Kids Gear designed exclusively for the Ditch Kids and not available for sale. So you must do the challenges, and share your photos tagging the weekly host to get the free gear each week!

To review:

  • You must be under 18
  • You must register once with the link below. (So we know where to send your gear and what size you are)
  • You must complete 7 out of the 10 tasks for the week by June 11th at Midnight EST.
  • You must upload your completion photos to Instagram and tag sofla_angling_co, tag Headwake_Media and #SWCditchKids (This gives our hosts a chance to see what you guys have accomplished and congratulate you)
  • Come back and comment “Done” so we know you completed this week’s tasks.

Click Here To Sign-up

We want you all to have fun with these challenges but, safety first kids! Please make sure you have your parents consent before completing any of the tasks. This is an honor system.

Have fun this week!

Skinny Water Culture Family


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