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SWC Crew in da Bahamas

Well I honestly don’t even know where to start but I guess the beginning will do. Chris, Kyle, Derrick, mi padre “the camera man” and myself all took off last week and went in search of big bones. The trip turned out great, we all caught some nice fish and even the smallest fish was a good 3lbr. The trip was epic to say the least even with the front passing through and giving us 25-35 mph winds for two solid days of the trip. This gave me an entirely new meaning to fishing in windy conditions! I will let the pictures tell the story. When we arrived we hit up the store being that we were going to be 60 miles from the closest store the rest of the week.

The view from the back of the house… The house was awesome….simply AWESOME…only a handful of other houses for miles!

As soon as we dropped our stuff off we headed out to a spot that our taxi driver told us about, it was a 30 min drive through a trail that our truck barely fit down. At the end was a “boat ramp” to use the term loosely.

After a short boat ride the fishing began… schools of big bones were pooring around a point we found, everyone was hooking up for about an hour and a half. So, only a few hours off the plain and we found some nice fish! No better way to start the day. Chris will have to ad more photos, somehow I didn’t get his. Kyle’s first nice fish of the trip.

My little piggy…

The next few days the wind blew so we did what we could, catching fish here and there.

Wednesday is when I found what I came for, the pig.

Kyle caught a super nice fish a few hours later.

We found the local food shack and got to know them VERY well over the week, by the last day the girls were typical girls, taking the cloths off our back and the hats off our heads haha. They promised they would wear them all the time so we didnt mind. The next few days the girls did wear the shirts to work haha, pretty funny.

Tagging up the joint…

We will be back for sure..

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