SUP in the Everglades

by Chris Lewis January 08, 2013 0 Comments

I have been wanting a SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) for a long time. I basically have been treating my kayaks like a SUP for years standing and sight fishing from them. Recently a Bote HD paddle board showed up at the front door. My first trip with it I went 13.5 miles and it really wasn’t even that bad. I’ve also taken it bone fishing and came really close to getting one. Recently I mother shipped it to some deep spots in the glades and to get on some skinny water redfish. The redfish were super spooky and basically had lockjaw most of the day. Once the afternoon sun came out I was able to catch 3 and it was a total blast on the SUP! It does take some getting used to but the simplicity and stealthiness of it make it so much fun! Check them out The new Ahab they have coming out soon looks like it will be amazing too!

Smoke Trail

Bote red 2

Bote red_edited-1

Bote setup 2

Bote red 3


Be on the lookout for the next Quickie…it’s a pretty cool clip from the Bote Board!





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