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…Sunday Afternoon …

I got a call from Pk to do some peacock fishing. He said he was with his girlfriend Dannette and his Little brother Lared. As I hung up, I heard some rattling in the kitchen. It was my mom cooking some type of dessert. I asked her if she wanted to fish just outta pure randomness. Ive never been able to get my mom on the water with me. Some how I asked her enough where she accepted. I was so surprised, but so happy at the same time. I got my camera and we headed out the door. I met up with PK and soon the chaos begin. As we got there action was not hot but it picked up fast. We split up I stayed back with my mom and pk went ahead. I had seen a big tail not sure what it was so I told my mom to be on the lookout a little after that she was hooked up to her first ever peacock. It was a big peacock, the look on here face was priceless as the peacock started pulling drag. I yelled at PK and he told me Dannette hooked up with her first peacock as well. So they both caught their first peacock at the same time. All I know that this was my favorite fishing trip of all time because I got my mom to fish.

Here is my Mom with her first ever Peacock

my moms first pea


Tripple Hook Up


S53A2309 copy

Here is Phonepic of  Dannette with her first peacock ever



My mom hooked up


S53A2302 copy


We ended catching a bunch in a matter of 30 minutes.


S53A2295 copy


Dannette was like….. wasssssup


S53A2291 copy


Had to Join my mom in the pic with her first pea. Camera work by PK




Pk with a Pea


S53A2314 copy


S53A2321 copy


So Long…


S53A2317 copy


At the end of the trip, I caught the biggest of them all.





Until next time, Stay Classy Miami


-Dan Decibel

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