Summer Unfolds

by Alex Tejeda July 10, 2014 0 Comments

Its been long over due since I laid a post on SWC, but unfortunately,  with a job title come responsibilities which equates to time spent off the water. Therefore, I’m taking a stands, its mid summer and the weather is finally giving some opportune chances to chase tome serious tail. (It was not my ill  intention to deliberately end the last sentence with a  pun but hell it is summer and there are plenty of the ” other ” kind of tail around as well )








Late night motivation evoked by sliver trash can lids that continue to elude me….


This guy is always napping on the job! Here is a good way to use your time wisely when you have high water, crappy viz, and wind. Take a siesta till it rolls past you.



A little piece of advise for all the folks that decided to read this mediocre post… don’t drop one of these suckers on your foot!



Bruiser Red that actually managed to piss me off by having me give a foot pursue  in shark infested waters after tangling me in every Mangrove shoot in hindsight.

Hope everyone is having an epic summer.


Alex Tejeda


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