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Summer Sessions

Taking a look back, my last days of summer were well spent. I fished a lot of new water and got to try some new techniques in the process. I had an absolute blast. As summer came to a close salmon and steelhead took my focus away from carp. Carp are #1 in my eyes but swinging flies is #2. I’m ashamed to say that in the past four months I fished for carp only once. Swinging for winter steelhead has taken priority…

Until the steelhead begin to spawn I’ll use this compilation of photos to get my carp fix…

My cousin Ryan lying on his stomach for the scoop.

To be caught another day…


 Highly visible spawn, a winner in torrential rain.



Unprepared for the onslaught of Asian tiger mosquitoes.

A makeshift mud mask was the only thing they couldn’t penetrate.

 Prepared… A crown worse than thorns.

Small stream carping.

 Getting out of my comfort zone…

A small stream WIN

 Big Meaty Dragon…

 A new “personal smallest”

 How many carp do you see?






 Ryan putting the heat on…

 Spawn… Head on


 Until next time.

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