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I want to start by apologizing for the lack of blogging. I have been really lazy lately and it has gotten the best of me. Aside from that I hope everyone has been out fishing and having some fun. Since I haven’t posted in a while I have tons of pics that I would like to share with you guys. These are trips with friends to Flamingo Camping grounds, The Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay. These last 3 months have been awesome, not so much fishing as I have been behind the lens most of the time, but a lot of great memories in and out on the water.

Photo Credit to.. John Long, Jason Fernandez, Warren Chin, Eric Estrada and others who helped take some pics. dead

The New Year started out pretty cold, I got couple of invites from my buddy John Long to search for some Bonefish in 40 degree weather. As there wasn’t much catching is was pretty cool catching some boxfish along the way when the Bonefish weren’t around. We did have some close calls with Bonefish along with Permit. boxfish


box 1

Once the weather would warm up a bit, we finally got what we were searching for.bonefish 1

I wanna thanks John Long for poling me around in those crazy winter winds and getting some of the pics.jOHN


The cold weather wasn’t always bad as it makes and awesome time for camping. We had at least 2 or 3 camping trips with Eric, Warren, Ryan, Jason, and all their girlfriends and we also couple of friends from the West Coast who joined in for the fun. These trips were the funnest times of my life, as they were filled fishing, pranks, laughs, and lots of BEER. camping at night

camping 3



Dannette and Jason making some badass breakfast.


breakfast 2

Eric pretending like he knows how to cook (grilling Burgers)


eric and julie



camping 2


There was one camping trip in particular, that was the best one by far. It was when Rainer Schael and Noel Schael had their 6th annual Adventure Camping trip in Flamingo. This one was a Family event, which all adults brought their kids for a weekend of cool and learning activities. I had so much fun in this trip, seeing all the families swarm the park for the weekend. They had one of the Park Ranger put on a demostration for the kids about animals and interesting stuff that goes around the park. park 3


park 6

park ranger show 1



Some of the kids were really interested…

arts and craft

Others were just waiting for the burgers to be grilled…..


park 4


I wanna thank Rainer and Noel Schael for putting this trip together and all Families who attended and helped out for a fun and safe camping trip. this is pic by Warren Chin who was capturing one of the best moments of the trip.CampfireAlong with the camping came some good fishing as well. Here are some random pics of some of the fishing we did.they out

refish 6

refish 5


reffy frank

redfish 4

luke and john

john and luke



warren snook


spotted tail

One of those cold days I went out with my Grandfather to do some snapper fishing but all we caught were MONSTER snappers. I love spending time with my Granpa because he is always working.DCIM101GOPRO


my granpa


I got a call from fellow SWC blogger Luke Williams to do some fishing on his boat with his girlfriend Mishelle. It was a fun time trying to feed these finicky redfish around a full moon. Here are some of the pics of the trip that day.redfish2





Couples of days later I got a call from John Long to join him on his boat with his friend Billy Curry, who is a sniper riffle with the rod. We were looking for bones but only saw one that day but they messed with some other species while looking for tailers.billy hooked up



grouper 2

he gawn


I got the chance to fish in the Florida Keys with SWC Ambassador Captain Derek Rust. I had a really good time looking for permit and getting denied. Derek had 2 Perms that ate the fly but they both spit it out before Derek can strip strike. We did manage my biggest Tarpon to date and one Bone that weekend.outta the air

hooked up 3




We had a camping trip in the Keys for Jason’s Birthday. Same as always we tons of people get together its always a great time. We had Patrick and Rebecca who joined us all the way from Daytona. They had a blast with the Boxfish Derby and some other species.sharky

sharky 3

boxy 2

Rebecca holding a Boxfish that we lured on to the shore with the push pole.



Patrick saw some fish tailing on the back of a Ray and he thought he had hooked up to a Bonefish but it turned out to be a Jack.hooked up


Patrick on the hunt for some Boxfish.


Warren casting



feeding time


Trying to feed the Robbie’s Tarpon with my foot. But they wanted to do nothing with my smelly foot.

feeding the tarpon





We did some Tarpon fishing on foot. All the girls hooked up but couldn’t land any because they were underpowered rods. I tossed out the 10wt which was the biggest rod we had and I managed to get a Tarpon. It was all teamwork to land this fish Jason and Patrick helped me a lot to land this fish.image-2

On the way back we stopped at the World Wide Sportsman in Islamorada to look at the fish in the tank since we didn’t see any Bones that weekend. tarpon at wws

wws bone


The following week it was “Salty Fly” in Tampa. I drove up and stayed at Vince’s and Jenn’s house that weekend. There was a lot of drinking going on. it was a blast. I fished with Matt Vaccaro (Skinny Skiff Blog). We tried to pre-fish but it was impossible due to the high winds. Since we don’t know the area that well we still went out anyways. Tournament day we managed to hook some reds but couldn’t land them. All we got were small trout. trout

At the tournament weigh in lots of teams did great with some phenomenal scores, But couldn’t stop Mani Pailer and Chris Hargiss who took the win. CONGRATS GUYS.photo

On the way back from Tampa I did some fishing with Alex Russell and Joe Boilermaker on foot. It was a fun after noon Micromanaging.alex with snookie

snook 2


alex casting




Lately I’ve been peacock fishing before or after work. I always keep my 6wt in the car for any impulse peacock fishing. Ive fished with my Mom 2 times and she had a blast. Some friends have joined in as well sometimes.

my mom with a big peacocj

dannete and pk

nice pea



My was able to cane pole this laid up peacock.


my mom with a pea

mom with my nephew


peacock catching some air


The other night I headed out to do some fishing with Jason and his girlfriend Dannette. They both did awesome.

helping dannette land her tarpon


jason and dannette with her first poon

dannette tarpon

jason tarpon


Once again I apologize for the really long report and for all the pics I will try to keep doing reports more frequently but I’ve been very lazy lately.

Until next time, stay classy Miami…




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