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So fresh and so Clean…

Its pretty simple  the weather sucks… sure I could go hide in the tree but I looking for the rush of finding fish on the flats… so in the mean time I have been sending time on the fresh side of things to subdue the urge.


After some homework and a tip from the local lawn guys I was back at looking to knock off another species off the list. Lawn guys had a fresh cut and the carp where floating around like mini subs. A little berry fly did this one in after what seemed like five million cast at the same fish.


I recently had the opportunity to go fishing with the Misses after a few requests about fly fishing. The challenge was sent and we hit one of my favorite local lakes for a little how-to.


This set the pace for the day. As I was giving instruction on the mechanics and just like that a nice school of slob bass come through to finish my how-to  segment.


We pick off a few Peas and she had a few nice take but no hook up.

In the mean I made quick work an pick off a few peas including what looked like my biggest Peacock to date that I broke off after strip striking the fish with way to much juice!



After some fun on the water and a spur of the moment move we hit up a local air boat facility and took the Misses on her first Air Boat ride out in the Everglades




These guys at this gator farm are pretty amusing.





Great shot the Misses took of this like rascal.



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