Smile factory.

by Chris Smith August 20, 2015 0 Comments

I’ve Found it odd, within the last couple of months I’ve seemed to have developed a love for watching people catch fish. More so in real life and in person than on any monitor or Television. As I sit here in my quiet house listing to the ice in my drink and the stroke of my absurdly loud key board. I cant help but reminisce on days long past. Mother nature washing my house as I type and the wind billowing through the old Bay tree in my back yard, I step back in time and ponder thoughts.


My everyday activities include work, work and you guessed it more work. At the end of each day I enjoy coming home to my family and laughing listing to the things my wife and children inform me of. It can be frustrating living in this world of fictitious social media and overbearing advertisements. Every so often I get to stretch my legs and relax,  often plans or not situations come together as if some all knowing being watching down decides to lay an unnatural dose of medicine amongst me and my friends. lately this seems to happen more and more but as we know these situations come and go.Natemarshpost

While I’m out “off the leash of life” acting like a child in a candy store. I’ve become much more aware of my surroundings and the situations that led me to these moments that me and my friends get to share. This is the low down. I’m not into the whole look at me media I see everyday, It’s simply a cover. I wish everyone could just open up and be themselves, Appreciate what they have, who their with and where they are. everyone is different and everyone has their own story. As for mine this is it, A group of friends that prefer the comforts of mosquitoes and gnats over any couch and lcd Tv.


Look around at what you submerse yourself into each situation when you go out fishing. Take note of the mullet spooking your desired fish off a mud flat or grass flat. Observe the difference in the surface of the water between these two fish. Calm waters or not you will have to step up and enjoy every outing as you get older. Look deeper than just a picture and think about the memory. If this all seems so left field and you get it, welcome to the club you are on the same level as any wholehearted and nature loving individual as the next. We are what we are and hopefully you can be content with that. Keep your head up and may the wind fill your sails another day. Here in this world we all communicate and live in, loose lips sink skiffs and honestly that’s not a journey I want any of you to embark on.




Some extra photos for your viewing pleasure.



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